Hammocks Let You Enjoy Your Hard Gardening Work

lying in hammockBeing a master gardener is hard work. You spend all day outdoors in your garden digging holes and cutting branches and twigs or the lawn. You also need to weed and fertilize and move around a lot of heavy dirt in a wheelbarrow. It is manual labor and there’s lots of it to do if you’re attending to your garden. But you love doing it, because you love your garden. You definitely need a way to relax after gardening, however.

My favorite new way to do this is my hammock. I recently bought myself a gorgeous Mayan hammock from a website called Hammocked. I’m sure there are many similar sites, but I really like this one, because they help you find the perfect hammock for you and guide you all throughout the process of buying hammock.

hammocking in my garden

That kind of guidance was especially important for me, because I had no idea what kind of hammock to get. When I first got the idea in my head that I would put up a hammock in my garden, so that I can relax after the hard work but still be out in the garden while I’m relaxing, in other words to enjoy my hard work right out there among it, I pictured myself in what is called a rope hammock.

I also wanted a calm place to practice my singing. I recently got a new microphone, which I use to work on my vocals. The hammock is the perfect place for light singing practice with my new mic. I basically do my vocal warm-ups lying down, before getting up for some real singing practice.

The rope hammock is what most of us imagine when we think of a hammock. It is one of those things you seen with the ropes tied together. You’ve probably been in one and that it’s a nice for a little bit. But after a while these things get pretty uncomfortable. I thought that was a drawback of hammock in general. That you enjoyed them for a while, then you get out, because they become uncomfortable.

It turns out that is not true at all. Hammocks are insanely comfortable for a very long period of time. I even learned that the ancient Mayans slept in the hammock and many people still do the same in South America. It seems they go camping in hammocks and travelers travel with them. They use different styles of hammocks for this, of course. The rope hammock just wouldn’t do.

The parachute hammock is one of the more popular ones, because it is sturdy, comfortable and cheap. But it is not as comfortable as the South American hammocks. Among them, the Mayan hammock caught my eye, because it has a loose weave.

This means it is a lot cooler to lie in that other hammocks, which is exactly what I want in the summer months. I want to enjoy the breeze as I’m swinging between my trees and my garden. In the winter months, I’ll move it inside and swing there. And I don’t care how warm my hammock is, I’m not hanging out in subzero temperatures.

Now I know a lot of you have only an indoor garden. You’re probably thinking does it make sense to get a hammock for an indoor garden? Of course it does!

Your indoor garden is beautiful too, right? Why not get a hammock and enjoy it

In fact, with your indoor garden, you can enjoy it all year round. It doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside, you can still be comfortable in your hammock indoors. It might not be as nice and the warm months, when a grow light obviously can’t quite replace the sun, but the rest the time it is even better.

In fact, now that I have my hammock, I can wholeheartedly recommend one for anyone. Even if you don’t have a garden or balcony or really any space to hang it all, get yourself a hammock. You can always find the space to hang it.

And don’t worry about people stealing it. If it’s in your indoor garden, you should have a security system set up anyway. Keep your surveillance cameras watching every entrance to the greenhouse and your equipment and hammock will stay safe and secure.

You can hang it up under the ceiling or somewhere in your place. I have friends that have small apartments and have recommended them getting a hammock. They’ve hung it up between two walls in the corner of a room and they absolutely love it. Most use it for quick naps in the afternoon and I have to say, that is been one of my favorite uses too. Get a hammock, it will change your life.